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Here is What a Few Other People Have to Say About My Personalized One-On-One Coaching Services and The Information You Will Find in The National Pharmaceutical SalesTraining Program

Hello Roy, I am so sorry that I have not responded back until now with my testimony. I have had so many new things happening in my life recently. New job, new home. Moving the last two weeks, now I am back at the computer. I am officially an employee with Glaxo and will start my training in Oct. You were right. I can already feel my life has drastically changed. All of a sudden, I feel a lot more financially stable than ever. The company has been very good to me in just the first week as a part of them. Roy my testimony is that without the knowledge and support from your program , I would not have had the insight I needed to succeed in the networking and interviewing process. I am glad I made the small investment in your program. I appreciated the instruction and guidance in your materials on using appropriate business etiquette. Knowing the proper way as well as what to do is important and sets you apart from your competitors. Professionalism can make a person. The most helpful part of your program is the free email service. During times of rejection, your email correspondence kept me going. You also guided me right through very critical decisions during my interviews. Thanks Roy, for investing your time to help others reach their dreams.

Donna Bookerd

Hi Roy,
I heard from a friend that you have a good training manual. Can we talk further?

Bill Wagner
March 23,2000
Gray, TN


I can't express in words how much I appreciate your information packet concerning resumes and especially interviewing. To be honest, when I asked my manager about what separated me from the ones he passed over I was told that my resume was good but my preparedness for the interview was the key. Your info was my secret. Not only was I able to go in the pharmaceutical field...I am with one of the leaders in the industry. I owe you a great deal of the credit!


Bill Wagner-Sales Representative
Merck & Co.
July 20,2000
Gray, TN

Roy, I purchased your program and found it to be the best! I appreciate your positive spirit in trying to help people reach their goals. I hope that once I get into this field I will always be willing to help someone else. My experience with some pharmaceutical reps have not been so positive. They seem snoodish and unwilling to help someone who wants the same opportunity to succeed they have. Its too bad they can't remember that someone helped them! How do you see them?

Donna Bookerd

Thank you for your help. I cannot tell you how
valuable your advice is to me.

David Hassell
Syracuse, New York

Thank you Roy, without your encouragement and help I wouldn't have made it this far. The company is Roche and the product is Xenical. Many people would benefit but cannot pay for it. I do appreciate any advice you have. Also, the manager asked me to call him Friday to find out if I would be getting a second interview. Are there any important things I should know before I talk with him again.

Donna Bookerd


This is Dave Hassell in Syracuse New York and your materials helped me get hired by a pharmaceutical company within just a few weeks. Now I am winding up on my training and starting up in the field tomorrow. I have found the two most experienced Reps in my area and will be doing ride along with them. What kind of questions should I be asking these Reps as we go out and promote our allergy products (Claritin & Nasonex)? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Your raving fan,

Dave Hassell
Syracuse, New York


It has been going well. I was offered a position with Lilly in Florida

Anita Dwyer

Roy, hope you are enjoying the holidays.
I was browsing the Internet about careers in pharmaceutical sales when I came across Roy's website. I found the site extremely helpful which prompted me to order the pharmaceutical training guide (can’t remember the exact name??). At the time, I was preparing for an interview with a top pharmaceutical company and the guide was exactly what I need to get through a successful interview. If you are at the interviewing stage, the guide is a must-have. I went into the interview extremely confident, landed the job and I know I couldn't have done it without Roy and the guide.
Roy, you are more than welcome to post this statement on the Internet but
please do not use my name. Thanks!

Have a happy new year!


If you are out there wondering how you are ever going to break into the pharmaceutical industry, then I highly recommend you get Roy's course. Roy has information in his course that you will not find anywhere else. I was just hired by a major pharmaceutical company and the information I learned in Roy's course was instrumental in getting me through the interview process and selected from ten other applicants. If you want to land that job, you need an advantage. Invest in Roy Smith's course now.

I took a position with Reliant pharmaceuticals. Thank you for all your guidance and help. I want to continue to stay in touch. I look forward to getting started. I know how to help you help many others. Thanks again for everything. Let me know your thoughts when you get a moment contact me.


Roy, My name is Nathan, l am 25 from Melbourne Australia. I have an interview for a sales position within a Pharmaceutical company in a few days and I wish I had found your site earlier! The information your course offers looks extremely beneficial. You have detailed on your site the importance of knowing daily responsibilities of a sales rep. Can you help me by emailing back a sample of information concerning sales duties and responsibilities. I know it would be more appropriate to have signed up for your course a while ago, but time has unfortunately limited my options. If you can help me l would be happy to sign up for you course to receive more information and to promote it as a resource to others.


Yes l did receive it! Thank you very much. I'm sorry l didn't email you straight away but l was waiting to give you some feed back on how l went in the interview. After reading through all of the information you sent me l felt very prepared and ready to answer any questions and also to dish a few out myself. As usual l was pretty nervous but having an understanding as to the direction of the interview certainly helped my composure. Just today I received a letter from the interviewer encouraging me on the "exceptional presentation" I had given during the interview. As the company I saw is a consultancy organization to many pharmaceutical companies in the Australia, they are keen to now promote me for a position within one of their client companies. Needless to say, I do not think l could have achieved this outcome without your help. Thanks very much in particular for your very prompt reply to my request.


I have recently completed The National Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program, and I wanted to thank you for presenting much needed information about an industry that is often very difficult to break into. I've been interested in working in the pharmaceutical sales industry for some time, and although I felt I was qualified to be hired as a pharmaceutical representative, I was unsure as to how I should market myself to potential employers. The pharmaceutical sales training program really gave me a thorough understanding of the responsibilities and activities of a pharmaceutical sales representative and provide me with the information that I needed to determine how to initiate my career search and improve my interviewing skills. I will definitely recommend this program to anyone who is seriously interested in a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks again!

Athena C. Calhoun
Registered Pharmacist/Pharm.D.

Miami, Florida

Hi Mr. Smith, Thank you for sending my order, I received it today. I also signed up for the resume critique service, please let me know how I can get that started. I look forward to working with you. Thank you again for your prompt service.
Dana H.

Wailuku, Hawaii

I have read most of your manual now and I have found it to be a very useful tool to have in the tool box and I will continue to use it as a great reference. Thank you. J.A.F.
Renton, Washington

I think the National Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program was very helpful in preparing me for a career in pharmaceutical sales. The lessons I learned really helped me in the interviewing process and since the training class I have now secured employment with a major pharmaceutical company. I have already used many of the lessons I learned in your training program in my new job. I really think the training program will help me to become a much better pharmaceutical sales representative.
Paul Springs
Pharmaceutical Representative
Columbia, South Carolina

I have been reading up on becoming a pharmaceutical sales representative and came across your website. I am an International student from the Netherlands and have lived in many different countries such as China, the Philippines , Libya, Italy, Egypt, Spain and the United States due to my father's diplomatic position with the Dutch Government. I just graduated from Washington College where I majored in International Studies and minored in Economics with a strong interest in a career that would allow me to combine all my skills in a sales environment. My travels have enabled me to learn several languages and adapt to many cultures. I was curious about how to get into the field of Pharmaceutical Sales because of the travel opportunities. I am very good with people and have worked in many settings that have allowed me to improve my skills even more. I am looking to find something in the area of Baltimore and would be great full  for any assistance. Thank you very much.

The Netherlands

Great timing Roy. I have read your manual - very good! There is an open announcement for a pharmaceutical sales position here in Spokane which I will be applying for. I took my resume and boiled it down to a format for this industry. I have attached it, please let me know what you think of it. Thanks.

Spokane, Washington

Very informative training session. Brings valuable information to you that you can use both now and long into your career. Staff eager to educate and assist, even after training is over. The enthusiasm of the staff motivates you even more to get out there and obtain your career.
Colleen T.
EKG Technician

Columbia, South Carolina

Roy - Thanks for the response. I appreciate your candid reponse. I will enroll ASAP.

Hi Roy, This sounds like me, I appreciate your advice and thank you for the good news.
Carlos C.

I learned a lot from this training program. I think anyone who is considering going into this kind of career will love this training program.

Ken Shah
Columbia, South Carolina

The training was a professional experience. Upon entering the training, I had no idea of what the pharmaceutical sales industry involved and what's expected by the industry; this training exceeded my objectives. The staff has provided a program which any person interested in the pharmaceutical sales industry should attend. The training program has provided me with the tools to assist me in seeking a position in pharmaceutical sales as well as become successful in the pharmaceutical sales industry. The large training manual contains valuable information and is very legible, well organized and thorough. Thank you.
Jay W.
Columbia, South Carolina

Hi Roy. I received my training manual on Monday and I'm very impressed with it. Thanks. Ellen B.
Misquite, Texas

Thank you so much for your quick response to both my call and E-mail. I will follow your suggestions and get started right away. Elyssa

Hello Roy. I received your wonderful and very informative training program. I'm very excited about entering the pharmaceutical industry.

Donna B.
Thomasville, Georgia

Roy: This training manual is impressive. I have begun a list of questions and also have highlighted some interest areas of mine so far in the manual. The interview in Charlotte with Abbot went well. I could not get an interview with Lilly. I feel more prepared because the manual outlines it all. I hope to stay in close touch as I am preparing for another Sales event in Charlotte. Thank you. Stay in touch. Ty G.
Florence, South Carolina

I wish to express my thanks for the time you have spent with me. I feel that your course is informative, well organized and interesting. It is helpful and a good guideline for breaking into the pharmaceutical business. The knowledge you provide gives one more self-assurance in approaching an interview. Again, may I say thank you.

Mickey T.
Sales Representative
Columbia, South Carolina

Roy, I often reflect back to my initial conversations with you about the pharmaceutical industry. Several successful years now...filled with many awards, promotions and earning potential! It has been great! Thanks to Roy Smith and his training program that gave me the confidence and the direction to Just Do It!

Horace Bass (Former IBM Salesperson)
Advanced Therapeutics Representative
Columbia, South Carolina

I found you to be extremely beneficial to me in my search for a career in pharmaceuticals sales. After the training, I had a greater understanding of what the pharmaceutical field is about, and the best ways to break into it. My confidence has increased and I have become more marketable in a very competitive industry.

Beth K.
Physical Therapist
Columbia, South Carolina

The information in the National Pharmaceuticals Sales Training Manual is very comprehensive. Anyone who utilizes the information it contains, along with determination and some good old-fashioned hard work, will succeed in getting into the pharmaceuticals sales field. Its greatest benefit for me was the tremendous boost in confidence it gave me in the interview process. It enable me to know what to expect, and prepared me specifically for the Pharmaceutical Sales interview. I wish you continued success.

M. Kyle Chen
Van Wert, Ohio

The time I invested in the National Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program was well worth the effort. The training program encompassed the field of pharmaceutical sales from initiating contacts and performing well in interviews to what is expected once one has entered the field. I am sure the information I received will prove invaluable in my search for a job in the dynamic industry of pharmaceuticals sales. 

Elizabeth Matthews
Former School Teacher
Atlanta, Georgia

The National Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program was very informative and professional program. This training institute provides valuable information based on facts and experiences of professionals in the pharmaceutical sales industry. I believe this training program will benefit me and many others trying to enter this competitive profession. I spoke with Mr. West, a pharmaceutical sales representative with a major company and he said he would be more than happy to have me go with him a few days. I start in Greenville on 12/7 so I'm sure things are going to improve. ALL I WANT IS AN OPPORTUNITY! I am now working, with the knowledge you have provided me, on creating that opportunity. Thanks!

M. Kelly

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Dear Mr. Smith

Thank you for your prompt reply to my request for additional information about your training packages. I sincerely appreciated you taking time to contact me. It was both informative and inspiring. As promised I am attaching a copy of my resume for your review. I consider this a living document and would value any suggestions or feedback you might have. As you can probably tell, I am very anxious to begin a career in pharmaceutical sales and am very glad I had a chance to connect with you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ontario, Canada

The National Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program gave me the knowledge and understanding that I will need to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sales. Roy Smith is a great teacher and he will teach you everything you need to prepare yourself for a career in the pharmaceutical sales industry.

Jennifer Brown
Columbia, South Carolina

I want to thank Roy Smith for presenting me with the National Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program. He believes that, knowledge is power, and I agree. Anyone wanting to succeed in life should take this program. He, not only shows how to get the knowledge, but how to use it once obtained. This program has given me information about the pharmaceutical sales field that I would not have found anywhere else. I will also be able to use the manual for years to come in the industry.

Brian G.
Columbia, South Carolina

In today's competitive world, we can all use that extra little something to help separate us from the rest of the pack; whether it be in the form of knowing what to expect in an interview or just having the opportunity to communicate with someone who has insight and experience in the field in which we wish to enter. The National Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program offers this and much more. This program gives you a competitive edge by providing you with individual attention and informative information on everything from the origins of the pharmaceutical industry to more importantly how one should market and prepare one's self to enter the industry. As a result of taking the class I feel I am much better prepared to enter and accomplish my goals in pharmaceutical sales.
Columbia, South Carolina

The National Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program, headed by Mr. Roy Smith, provided me with vital information needed to gain a full understanding of what goes on with the Pharmaceutical Industry.
Tony Alexander Woods
Columbia, South Carolina

Roy, Thanks for your generous offer. I look forward to receiving the package by air-mail. Regards, Richard
Herzlia, Israel

Hello Roy, Thank you for getting back to me so promptly. I am looking forward to receiving my pharmaceutical sales information and starting what I hope will be an exciting and rewarding new journey. Thank you again. Kathryn
Macungie, Pennsylania

Roy, Thank you very much for your expedient return phone call Tuesday evening. Mr. Smith, I must say that I've never received such service before---on-line or retail. Thank you!!I received the manual Wednesday evening and started reading it immediately.
A. Thompson
Bowie, Maryland

Roy, I received your training book and have already begun reading it. It is truly informative and I am increasingly confident that maybe there is a chance for me. Steve K.
Niles, Illinois

Hi Roy, I received your manual about two weeks ago and I have been reading and I love it. It provides me with so much information. I have been contacting people by email who work for pharmaceutical companies. I have a couple of questions for you. I am also interested in Surgical sales. What are some companies who are good surgical -medical sale companies? I know of Mitek a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson but that is all I know. Also, do you have any contacts that I can get a hold of to talk with about my resume and a career in the field? If I have anymore questions, I will sure contact you. I just got my resume and cover letter done and I must say that it looks good. I told my career placement director about your manual and she wanted your web site to order your book. Thanks! Sincerely,
Jennifer R.
Shavertown, PA

Roy, Thanks for helping me so far. Your training manual is great Talk to you soon. My address is on my resume as well as my e-mail address. Thanks again. I hope that my resume isn't too much of a mess!

Steve K.
Niles, Illinois