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In 1988 I began my career in pharmaceutical sales by going to work for Hoffman-LaRoche a major Swiss based pharmaceutical company.

While working with Roche, I managed to function in one of the company's highest performing sales groups for entire career with them. While with Roche I also had the privilege of receiving my training from one of the company's most successful managers in the entire history of company’s 100 years in business. Before it was later bought by a biotechnology company.

During my entire career I have sold over 20 different products and launched 6 different products during my career. These medications cover a very broad range of products in many different classes of drugs. Over the years I have been trained to sell pharmaceuticals in the hospital, office based physician practice and in the retail pharmacy business.

A few of the types of products that I have had the privilege of selling includes Rocephin a major antibiotic, Zantac a top anti-ulcer drug, Interferon a number one cancer drug, Accutane a successful dermatology drug, Micardis,Tevetin , Aceon, Lotrel and Lotensin all of which are breakthrough cardiovascular drugs, Valium for the treatment of anxiety disorders,Versed a revolutionary drug for sedation and anxiety prior to surgery, Aplenzin for major depressive disorder, Romazicon the reversal agent for Versed , Androgel a major drug designed to treat and reduce impotence in men. I have also sold Toradol for the treatment of pain, EC Naprosyn, Aleve, Bumex, Nasarel, Ticlid , Striant , Zometa , Sandostatin , Prochieve and Flomax. Additionally I have sold Activella ,Vagifem and Premarin all of which were in the women’s healthcare market .

After working directly for Hoffman-LaRoche starting in 1988 I then began working in contract pharmaceutical sales in 1997. Since that time I have worked in contract sales for a number of major pharmaceutical companies such as Boehringer Ingelheim , Novartis , Solvay , Columbia Labs, Bristol Myers Squibb , NovoNordisk, Abbott Laboratories, Sanofi-Aventis , Novartis , Pfizer , Professional Detailing, Inc. , Quintiles/Innovex, Inc. and InVentiv Health .Over the years  I have won a number of awards such as The Area of The Year Award while on a Novartis contract and I was the #1 Top Award winners in my district for Boehringer Ingelheim 4th Quarter 2008 "Holiday Madness" Sales Contest on another contract!

Each winner on the Boehringer Ingelheim contract achieved a ranking in the Top Percentile for their Micardis TRx market share growth results during Q4.

District Ranking-1 out of 23

Regional Ranking-25th out of 202

National Ranking-30th out of 360

During my career I was responsible for selling millions of dollars in pharmaceuticals for the companies I have worked for. It has been the result of my unique training and personal experiences in pharmaceutical sales that has enabled me to develop this Personalized One-On-One coaching and training program .

Additionally, after developing this program back in 1997 I have been able to successfully market it all over the world via the internet and also by way of live training seminars primarily in the state of South Carolina. This very same Personalized One-On-One coaching and training program has been a great success and has already resulted in helping people all over the world begin careers in pharmaceutical sales.