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          How to Become a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in a Rapidly Changing Industry

Learn how you can become a highly paid pharmaceutical sales representative. This Closely Guarded Information will definitely give you a Competitive Advantage. This information is based on over 25 years of real world, in the field, face-to-face selling experience in pharmaceutical sales. Additionally, 16 of those years of pharmaceutical sales experience was gained in contract pharmaceutical sales. I can assure you this information will tell you everything you want to know about pharmaceutical sales and how you can become a pharmaceutical sales representative even in today’s very competitive employment market.

Your Journey Into Pharmaceutical Sales

Are you presently working in some other area of sales and would like to get into pharmaceutical sales? Are you a recent college graduate and you are interested in starting a career in pharmaceutical sales? Are you a nurse, pharmacist, or lab technician and you would now like to start a career in pharmaceutical sales? Are you a biology, chemistry or pre-med major graduate and you would like to begin a career in pharmaceutical sales? Are you a school teacher, administrator or business owner and you would now like to begin a new career in pharmaceutical sales? Or maybe you have a Master's Degree in education, business or some other area and now you would like to change careers to become a pharmaceutical sales representative? Whatever your situation, I am sure we can help you begin working toward your dreams and goals of becoming a pharmaceutical sales representative. Because through this Unique Personalized One-On-One coaching and training program which is designed for people just like you. I will take you by the hand and then guide you along a Proven Success Track towards your goal of become a pharmaceutical sales representative. 

                                           The National Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program

This proven system which is called The National Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program was originally launched in 1997 and has 19 years of proven success on a national level of helping individuals prepare for careers in pharmaceutical sales. This same system has also helped individuals in several other countries around the world successfully enter pharmaceutical sales. Additionally, in 2002 this same training program was nominated by the local Columbia South Carolina Chamber of Commerce for the Palmetto Pillar Awards for being an innovative internet based technology training program. The Palmetto Pillar Awards also recognizes many major national corporation too.

                                                  A Network of Pharmaceutical Sales Professionals

As a result of over 25 years in pharmaceutical sales I have cultivated relationships with many, many different individuals from many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. And each of these individuals recognizes the need to help other people like yourself to break into this exciting industry. So, via my network of contacts in the industry and the training I have available it is my mission to educate, train and prepare interested individuals for successful careers in pharmaceutical sales. And as your personal coach I am always available to assist you! Even after you become a pharmaceutical sales representative. Because I know from personal experience there will be times when you have a question that you need the answer to and you won’t want to ask your manager or any of your team mates. As a result you can reach out to me anytime you need my help via email , phone or via text message. As you will soon find out I believe in giving personalized, professional service to everyone involved in this One-On-One coaching and training program.

             The Ultimate Employment Opportunity

In my opinion, pharmaceutical sales represents the Ultimate Employment Opportunity. No other employment opportunity even comes close. As a matter of fact, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest, most powerful industries in the world. In both good economic times as well as bad economic times, the pharmaceutical industry has always done well. As a matter of fact, the more challenging the pharmaceutical sales job market gets, the more important it will become for you to have your very own Inside Contacts and as a result have a Competitive Advantage over your competition if you are serious about getting into this business.

Yes, the pharmaceutical industry has proven over several decades to be a very profitable industry to be involved in. It is presently a Multi-Billion Dollar industry and it is still growing every day. As a matter of fact, many companies spend millions of dollars a year on research alone. With the many new discoveries presently being made in biotechnology, hypertension, mental illness, cancer, cardiology and AIDS research, many new products are continuously being developed. All of which are creating new employment opportunities. How? You see whenever pharmaceutical companies develop a new product, they usually have to train more people to sell these new products. Not to mention that these companies are always promoting their present sales force into management or into other related positions, thereby creating many new entry level positions.

As a result, pharmaceutical companies are always in need of highly motivated individuals who enjoy working with other professionals and who are sincerely interested in building a solid career in this outstanding industry. Now, the kind of individual these companies are looking for must be willing to learn and communicate technical information. As well as be willing to accept the responsibility for a territory that is usually worth millions of dollars. Also, as a pharmaceutical sales representative it will be your responsibility to manage and improve the profitability of your assigned territory.

Make $50,000 - $100,000 a Year

In return for your services, these companies are willing to offer you an annual income (complete package) ranging from $50,000 - $100,000 a year based on your experience. In addition, there are major developments being made in the Biotech field. It is predicted that in the near future, Biotech drugs will present even more employment opportunities than ever before. Not to mention that many Biotech companies are presently offering employment packages ranging from $60,000 - $120,000 or more a year. As a pharmaceutical sales representative, you will be able to function as your own boss, working from the comfort of your home, and you will be responsible for setting your own schedule. This is truly "The Ultimate Employment Opportunity!" As part of your employment package, the company you secure employment with will usually provide:

  • An Outstanding Health Insurance Program
  • Annual Sales Bonuses
  • Paid Vacations and Paid Holidays
  • A Company Car/Car Allowance
  • Periodic Salary Increases
  • Educational Assistance Programs
  • Merit and Service Bonuses
  • Annual Sales Conventions at Major Four Star Hotels and Resorts

As well as the opportunity to invest in company stock programs as a part of your retirement program. This opportunity alone could enable you to retire Financially Secure. When you begin your career as a pharmaceutical sales representative, you will experience prestige, recognition and the respect that goes along with belonging to the medical profession.

Now, the reason I know so much about this industry is because for over 25 years I have had the privilege to work in this industry for 10 of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. Additionally I have sold over 20 different products and I have been trained to sell pharmaceuticals in the hospital setting as well as the retail pharmacy environment. I have also launched a total of 6 brand new drugs into the marketplace. However, before I finally landed a job in this industry I was just like most people who are constantly looking for that golden opportunity. I tried retail clothing sales, car sales, copier sales, cellular phone sales and real estate sales as well as many of the other so called opportunities out there. I was even the manager of a biomedical research laboratory for several years. But, none of those positions offered me the long term income growth potential as well as unlimited professional growth potential available to me in pharmaceutical sales. I tell you when I first found out about this career opportunity I made a commitment to myself that I was going to get into this business even if it took me 2-3 years to do it! I was determined and committed to get into this business. Now, as a result of being in this business for so many years I can tell you from real world experience that being in this business has enabled me to consistently make more money than I could have ever made selling anything else. Also, as a result of being in this business I have been able to travel all over the United States representing my company at many different medical related conferences and annual sales meetings.

A Tremendous Opportunity

I am sure by now you are probably wanting to know more about how you can have an opportunity to get into this business? So, in just a little while longer I will tell you exactly how you can have the same opportunity I had to get into this business. But first, let me briefly tell you what initially caused me to want to share this well kept information with you. It all began many years ago right after I first entered this business in 1988. I can remember it just like it was yesterday. I can remember attending a get together with a few friends and while standing around talking to a small group of people someone just happened to ask me what I did for a living.

Naturally, I was very proud of what I did for a living so I said "I am a pharmaceutical sales representative." And before I could finish making the statement some of the other people who were standing nearby turned to listen to what I had to say. Right away everyone wanted to know more about what I did for a living. I was so proud and happy that I was finally doing something worthwhile and exciting in my life. From that point on I began getting calls and letters from people all the time with questions about how they could get into this business. That is when I realized there are many people who want to know more about how to get into this business.

Right then and there I decided to one day share my experience with a few other people so that they too could enjoy life. Then after many more years in this business as well as receiving many more calls and letters I decided to develop a training program to help anyone who wants to get into this business. In order to create this Personalized One-On-One coaching and training program I have interviewed many different pharmaceutical sales representatives, sales managers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals in order to create many industry contacts. I have also done this in order to gather the exact information you are going to need in order to have a Competitive Advantage over all the other people who are seeking employment in this industry just like you.

You see, due to the tremendous opportunity that exists for anyone who lands a job as a pharmaceutical sales representative, it has become very, very difficult to get into this business if you do not have an inside contact or contacts who are willing to help you. As a matter of fact, the majority of the job openings are Never Advertised in the Newspapers. You really have to know someone who is already in the business in order to find out about these hidden job openings as they occur and later on I will show you exactly how you can get to know many people who are already in the business.

Knowledge Is Power

Yes, that's right! Regardless of what other people will tell you. You really do need to have this specialized information if you really want to have a fighting chance! You see, what most people will not explain to you is that if you do not completely understand the daily operations of what goes on in the life of a pharmaceutical sales representative, it is almost impossible for you to intelligently interview for a position in pharmaceutical sales. It is very hard to fake it when interviewing with an experienced manager. As a result he or she will she right through it and know that you really don’t know the things you need to know. You see, even though you might not have any current experience in this industry. The hiring manager is looking for the individual that has taken the initiative and has the motivation to learn on their own. Because that is also an important skill that is required to do the job. So to a hiring manager the most prepared candidates are the ones with the best opportunity of being hired.

Yes, I am sure you could simply read up on the industry or you could read a few of the books that are on the market. But unless you have someone like me who is willing to personally coach you One-On-One and take you by the hand in order to explain this business to you. And then support you after you have gotten in the business. I am sorry you will not be able to successfully compete with the army of other people who are trying to get into this business. In an effort to demonstrate this point to you, within your training manual I have provided you with a Sample Situational Analysis Questionnaire that is commonly used when interviewing new candidates for positions in pharmaceutical sales. Now keep in mind this is a very important part of the interview process and if you cannot effectively answer these questions, you will be Quickly Eliminated From The Selection Process.

                                                        The Competitive Advantage You Need

In today’s very competitive employment marketplace you need an Competitive Advantage over your competition. And in order to have this Competitive Advantage you need to have received special Personalized One-On-One coaching and training that you cannot get anywhere else prior to getting into this industry. It will be due to this special Personalized One-On-One coaching and training which will enable you to have a definite Competitive Advantage over the masses of the other people who are competing against you for the same positions that you will one day be a candidate for. You must understand, preparing for a career in the pharmaceutical industry is really just like preparing for a career in any other major profession in life just like preparing to be a doctor , a lawyer , a pharmacist or any other professional career. It is a known fact that the more you learn, the more you can earn. And pharmaceutical sales is the perfect example of that concept. As a result, you need to receive this specialized Personalized One-On-One coaching and training program in order to stand out ahead of the crowd of other individuals who are anxiously seeking to secure a position in the industry.

So, now you know how I am going to assist you. There was time when all of this information was very well kept and reserved for a few privileged individuals. Now, you will begin right away benefiting from this same information as you will soon find out. This Personalized One-On-One coaching and training program is crammed full of all the hard to find details and inside information you are going to need in order to get into this business. This training program is the result of over 25 years of successful real world, full-time selling experience in the pharmaceutical sales industry as well as having personally experienced many, many interviews with numerous companies, managers and professionals in this business. And as I have already mentioned because I have now decided to retire from pharmaceutical sales I am now making this information available once again to anyone who wants to use it to secure a position in this business.

When you begin this training program you will learn:

1. All about the pharmaceutical industry: Past, Present and the Future.

2. All about the pharmaceutical sales representative's job responsibilities.

3. How to sell pharmaceuticals in the doctor’s office , in the retail pharmacy and in the local hospitals.

4. Learn the Untold Secrets of Achieving Top Performance Reach and Frequency Levels in your territory. This one secret alone will help you make lots more money in addition to your salary.

5. What to say to any manager during the interview in order to gain his or her confidence so the manager will remember you over all the rest and increase your chances of being hired.

6. The Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Situational Analysis Questions

7. The Most Frequently Asked Questions During Interviews Today. This section will also include the most appropriate answers to these questions.

8. How to prepare yourself for a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

9. How computer technology and the Information Super Highway are becoming a major part of the pharmaceutical industry.

10. The Power of Information in the pharmaceutical industry.

11. The importance of developing territory marketing plans.

12. The process for selling pharmaceuticals in the different medical markets.

13. How to develop a winning resume

14. How To Become A More Successful Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.

15. The differences you need to be aware of when it comes to accepting a Contract Pharmaceutical Sales job versus working directly for the pharmaceutical manufacture. Contract pharmaceutical sales jobs are predicted to be the direction most major pharmaceutical companies are headed. You need to know the differences these positions offer.

16. How To Get Higher Raises and Bonuses.

17. How To Get The names , address and phone numbers of pharmaceutical sales representatives in your area.

18. How to understand the process of selling to the physician.

19. How to find a Mentor Partner to learn from. This industry contact will keep you abreast of current openings in your area.

20. How to find the Hidden Job Openings within the pharmaceutical industry.

21. How to secure an interview with the right person.

22. How to succeed in the interviewing process.

23. The most commonly used terminology.

24. And Much, much, more! 
                                     Special Bonus
                               The Insider's Guide To Contract Pharmaceutical Sales
         What You Need To Know To Survive and Thrive In The New World of Pharmaceutical Sales

     It’s Now Your Turn To Succeed In This Business

Yes that’s right. Now the rest is up to you. It is now your decision as to whether or not you truly want to have a better than average opportunity to get into this business. This Personalized One-On-One coaching and training program will teach you everything you will need to know in order to break into this industry! I am sure you have heard that Knowledge is Power! Well, now you will have the knowledge you need in order to successfully enter this prestigious industry.


Roy Smith
PharmaSales Coach